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Relieve Pain through Heat

Heat therapy is a procedure that uses heat for relieving and treating pain. It is generally used to treat many sports-related injuries, particularly those that are musculoskeletal in nature. Heat therapy capitalizes on the ability of heat to reduce pain and stiffness, increase blood flow to the injured or affected area and minimize muscle spasm.

The use of heat therapy is largely dependent on the condition of the individual and how his body responds to the treatment. As a general rule, however, heat therapy is used for treating pain that repeatedly recurs, or what is referred to as chronic pain, and in late-stage acute injuries. Chronic pain usually results from overuse and misuse of a body part, or even from accidents.

Heat therapy is often used to treat headaches, stiff joints and muscles (usually in the back). When used in conjunction with exercise, heat therapy is applied to warm the muscles before the individual begins exercising.

Heat therapy is generally used to treat chronic pain arising from musculoskeletal injuries. Because heat stimulates blood flow, it increases oxygen supply to muscles and joints, relaxing them and, in the process, easing pain.


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