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Physical Therapy for Kids

When your children need physical therapy treatments, pediatric physical therapists are the ones to go to. They help these children get back to doing the things they normally do. Some of these child patients need pediatric physical therapists due to complications resulting from neuro-motor disorders or cerebral palsy.

Pediatric physical therapists provide rehabilitation to alleviate the children’s suffering from their debilitating condition. In addition, they educate parents about their children’s dysfunctions. They advise them on the available treatments as well as other alternative treatments. With a little dash of TLC and some motivation, these little patients will be on their way to recovery.

Pediatric physical therapy caters to different specialty areas. Among these areas are the following:

Pediatric Orthopedic Physical Therapists: They handle preliminary diagnosis as well as organize a treatment plan for certain injuries and disorders. Along with their assistants, pediatric orthopedic physical therapists provide rehabilitation assistance for their patients after orthopedic surgery. Using magnetic and massage therapy, they also facilitate recovery through joint mobilization and strength training.

Pediatric Geriatric: This area of physical therapy deals with disorders such as juvenile arthritis and osteoporosis. It addresses the pain relating to these debilitating conditions and provides steps to prevent it from worsening. Pediatric geriatric physical therapy aims to restore mobility and reduce the pain suffered by these little tykes.

Pediatric Neurologist: This area in pediatric physical therapy particularly deals with children who are suffering from a neurological disorder, such as brain injury, cerebral palsy and spinal cord-related disorders, among others. It aims to restore the child patient’s functional independence.


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