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Research shows that stroke hospitalization among American teenage boys as well as men under 34 years of age have increased significantly for the years 1994 to 2007. However, there is a corresponding decline in occurrence among older people during the same period.

However, the study did not delve into the cause of stroke hospitalization. Rather, it was only limited to the number of hospitalizations, but it merited investigations of high blood pressure and obesity.

“I believe this is the first large study to report these findings, stratified by age and gender,” Xin Tong, of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), said. “We cannot link anything in particular to the trend in younger patients, but I believe the role of obesity and hypertension will prompt a big discussion. Unfortunately, right now we can’t speculate on the causes.”

Data from the CDC revealed that incidents of stroke decreased by 25 and 29 percent for men and women over age 45, respectively.

While data generally showed significant decrease, the rate of hospitalization for ischemic stroke in males aged 15 to 34 dramatically increased by 51 percent. As for women in the same age bracket, ischemic stroke rate also rose by about 17 percent. Ischemic stroke happens when blood flow to the brain is blocked.

As for ages 35 to 44, men saw a 47 percent rise in stroke hospitalization while women had a 36 percent increase.

“Acute ischemic stroke is currently considered something that mostly happens to older people, but awareness of rising rates in the young is important or else tPA and other important stroke treatment may be unnecessarily delayed in younger patients,” Xin Tong reiterated.


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