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ICU and stroke patients are likely the ones who suffer a lot of trauma. This usually results in motor problems skills. That’s why most of these patients call on physical therapists to restore their mobility and range of motion. But there’s a new method utilized by physical therapists and a very unlikely treatment method at that—interactive video games.

Because of its physical attributes, many therapists have considered integrating Xbox 360, Wii and other video game consoles into their rehabilitation program. Playing these video games gives patients the physical movement they need. Moreover, this treatment method isn’t costly and can even continue even if the patient terminates his sessions with the therapist.

In a study conducted by researchers from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, patients who underwent this type of therapy have a more positive outlook as well as increased improvements in their motor skills and range of motion. In addition, the researchers said that the patients were more interested in video game therapy compared to the routinary physical therapy sessions.

The researchers revealed that the patients were asked to play the video games for about twenty minutes. The games played require movement—bowling, surfing and boxing. These games were focused at restoring the physical abilities of each patient.

Ressearchers advise that physical therapy assistants should at least try playing the games so that he can demonstrate how it is done to his patients. As much as possible, all gaming events should be time-limited; otherwise, the patient and therapy might get too involved in the game and forget about the therapy activities.


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