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Did you know physical therapy is a great tool for achieving pain relief? It is focused on preventing and managing disabilities and injuries as well as getting rid of the pain, restoring mobility, improving function and promoting healing and wellness.

So how does physical therapy contribute to pain relief? There are two types involved in physical therapy: The first is passive therapy and the other is active therapy.

Passive therapy involves the use of heat and ice packs, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, dry needling and ultrasound. On the other hand, active therapy includes pain relief exercises, strengthening exercises, movement-based activities and low-impact aerobic conditioning. The use of these treatment options may vary from one individual to another. Due to variances in body types, habits or patterns of their movement, people are likely to respond differently to each of these techniques.

Getting out of bed to perform exercises may be the last thing you would want to do if you were suffering from chronic pain. But while it may sound like torture, did you know it is among the best solutions for managing and preventing further pain?

Chronic painful conditions like osteoarthritis, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain will make want you to curl up in bed and do nothing. But by doing nothing, you’re just making yourself weaker. With physical therapy, patients are taught how to move safely to regain the mobility and functionality of their muscles, which have weakened as a result of inactivity. Engaging in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day, three to four days a week, is shown to improve muscle strength and endurance, joint stability and overall flexibility.

Are you struggling with a musculoskeletal problem? Would you rather be disabled by the chronic pain? With physical therapy, you can overcome the stiffness and soreness. Speak with a physical therapist today and explore the many wonderful solutions for getting rid of the pain.


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